Welcome to the EsquireConnect Deposition Client Portal!

EsquireConnect enables you to manage your deposition calendar and become more efficient.

  • Schedule for one or more attorneys, with calendars for cases, attorneys and clients
  • Schedule a proceeding in moments, and get an email confirmation moments later
  • Reschedule, postpone and cancel in seconds
  • Maintain an audit log of reasons for all scheduling changes
  • Select frequently-used information from drop-down lists
  • Share a case calendar with all parties to keep them informed of scheduling changes
  • View all of your settings at a glance on a calendar or list
  • Export your calendar items to a spreadsheet
  • Review invoices and pay securely on-line or by mail
  • Control the billing for your attorneys, or for the entire office
  • Search and download your transcripts, transcripts, and video files